Industrial Facility Painting Contractors Bucks County, PA

No matter what your industrial facility produces or manufactures, it is of critical importance to have a clean building that highlights professionalism and productivity. Whether you need power washing to clean interior/exterior surfaces, a new epoxy floor or industrial facility painting services, contact the experts at Dierolf Brothers Painting. Boasting 25+ years in the painting industry, we proudly serve commercial, industrial and warehouse facilities in Bucks County PA, Montgomery County PA and Delaware County PA. We offer the highest quality painting services for all your industrial needs. Our complete range of services add to the longevity and life expectancy of your property. To discuss an industrial building painting project with our contractors, call 215-826-0500.

Dierolf Brothers Industrial Facility Painting Contractors Bucks County PA
Dierolf Brothers Industrial Facility Painting Services Bucks County PA

Painting Services for Industrial Facilities & Warehouse

Dierolf Brothers Painting provides fast, responsive painting services for industrial facilities, factories, warehouses and manufacturing plants. We work with facility owners and project managers directly to ensure the project is completed on time, on spec and to the highest industry standards. Our team is well-equipped and well-experienced to accommodate busy schedules and minimize disruption to your business.

Dierolf Brothers Painting has experience with many industrial-type spaces including:

-       Warehouse painting

-       Fire escape painting

-       Factory painting

-       Interior & Exterior painting

-       Loading docks

-       Floor coatings

-       Power washing

We research the proper paint coating for the particular needs of your industrial space. For example:

-       Antimicrobial coatings to kill germs on the walls and doors of public spaces

-       Scuff-resistant paint in high traffic areas

-       Food safe coatings in food service environments

-       Exterior coatings for metal structures

Industrial and Commercial Painting Contractors

Industrial painting projects present unique environments, products and processes not present at residential or commercial properties. Industrial facilities often present harsher environments including high temperatures, use of chemicals and excessive dust. The use of specialized products and equipment is important to successfully complete the job. We own all our state-of-the-art equipment & tools for industrial projects including spray guns, scaffolding, lifts and more. Our industrial painting contractors have the knowledge and experience to recommend the best options for your project. The safety of our workers and your clients is of the utmost importance to the owners of Dierolf Brothers Painting. We adhere to the highest standards of safety, conduct and performance when working in the harsh environments of industrial facilities, warehouses and plants.

Dierolf Brothers Industrial Facility & Warehouse Painting Contractors Bucks County PA
Dierolf Brothers Industrial Facility Painting Contractors Bucks County Pennsylvania

Reasons to Paint your Industrial Building

Industrial buildings can degrade more quickly than commercial or residential structures. Once corrosion has set in, it is more difficult to stop the process. Even if your facility doesn’t show major signs of deterioration, you should be proactive. Industrial properties should be repainted every 3 to 5 years as preventative maintenance. The main reasons to be proactive and repaint your industrial or warehouse building include:

-       Keep your building looking clean, inside and out

-       Improve atmosphere for staff and vendors

-       Corrosion-proof the building

-       Clear stains, dirt, bacteria and other contaminants from the building walls

-       Remove old, chipped and peeling paint

Dierolf Brothers Painting provides a variety of services for industrial properties and warehouses including interior & exterior painting, power washing, specialty coatings, epoxy flooring and more. We understand the unique needs of industrial property owners; we work diligently to complete the project quickly, so your productivity isn’t interrupted. We offer on-site estimates at your facility in Bucks County, Montgomery County or Delaware County, PA. To schedule your consultation or for questions regarding an upcoming painting project, call our Bristol PA office at 215-826-0500.