Commercial Painting Services for Warehouse Facilities

For 25+ years, Dierolf Brothers Painting has served hundreds of warehouses and industrial facilities throughout the greater Philadelphia area. While warehouses don’t often need painting, the task must be handled to the highest of industry standards to protect inventory, floors and promote employee safety.  Our painting contractors are highly trained to complete all aspects of warehouse painting services including ceilings, flooring, interior and exterior walls. Further, with new warehouses being built throughout Pennsylvania & New Jersey, we can handle all new construction and tilt-up construction projects. We have the proper industrial-grade equipment to reach high ceilings and other hard to reach areas. Dierolf Brothers Painting serves warehouse facilities in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Delaware County, PA. To discuss repainting or new warehouse painting services, call 215-826-0500.

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Warehouse Commercial & Industrial Painting Services

The Philadelphia metro area is a rapidly growing regional and national hub for warehouses, distribution centers and other such commercial facilities. Whether you need to paint a new construction warehouse or your current building needs maintenance, trust our experts. Dierfolf Brothers Painting warehouse services include epoxy floors, power washing, line striping, interior and exterior painting. We provide these services throughout the entire facility including walls, floors, ceilings, offices, overhead doors, loading dock areas and more. Our industrial painters have the skills and experience to successfully complete the painting job with minimal disturbance to your business; your warehouse can remain fully functional during the project. The painters on our team are trained with industry safety guidelines, follow the PDCA standards and are OSHA trained. 

Benefits of Painting an Industrial Warehouse

While maintenance sometimes goes overlooked, keeping up the appearance of warehouse facilities preserves the structure and enhances light and safety. Signs that a warehouse needs painting include:

  • Deteriorating floor markings
  • Water stains or mold
  • Corroding or rusting metal surfaces
  • Fading or peeling paint
  • Flaking or cracking exterior surfaces
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Warehouse painting is only a part of general maintenance but provides long-term benefits.

  1. Investing in regular painting helps prevent peeling, cracking and fading, which keeps your warehouse looking fresh.
  2. Make improvements and changes you’ve been considering for the building’s overall design. For example, painting the warehouse a new color makes your industrial facility feel fresh and new.
  3. Protect the building from mold or damage caused by the weather, especially water. This ensures a healthy, hazard-free environment from potential health risks.
  4. Painting protects the interior and exterior surfaces from dents, scratches and more.

Industrial Building Painting Preparation

Warehouse maintenance tends to be postponed, because they are always occupied by workers, heavy equipment or machinery; managers believe a painting service will disrupt the workflow. To ensure warehouse painting goes as smoothly as possible and avoid hindering business, our crew prepares well in advance and provides tips for warehouse managers.

Protecting Warehouse Inventory
Ideally, warehouse inventory is stored elsewhere during painting. When this is not feasible, all contents must be well protected and covered.

Covering the Floors
Unless the floor is being coated or repainted, it must be protected with a large plastic cover sheet. The sheet prevents the epoxy or concrete surface from paint spills and stains. It also makes the cleaning process after the painting job easier.

Prime the Walls

Once preparation is complete, it is time to prime. Priming allows the paint color to look much brighter and ensure the old color is fully covered. We bring all necessary equipment for protection, priming and painting your warehouse facility.

Dierolf Brothers Painting provides a variety of painting services for warehouses, bars & restaurants, schools & educational facilities, commercial and industrial facilities including wallcovering removal/new installation, interior painting, exterior painting, power washing, flooring services and much more. We offer on-site estimates at your restaurant in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Delaware County PA. To schedule a consultation or for questions, call our Bristol, PA office at 215-826-0500.