New Commercial Construction Painting Contractors

Dierolf Brothers Painting has 25+ years of experience in painting for new commercial construction buildings, warehouses, offices, car dealerships, shopping centers, condos, apartment complexes and more. We have built a 5-star reputation based on our quality workmanship, top of the line customer service and commitment to providing an exceptionally finished end product. Our new construction painting contractors use the best paint and stain products from the most trusted brands including Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, PPG Pittsburgh Paints and Rust-Oleum. We own the right equipment to tackle any size industrial paint project including spray guns, scaffolding, lifts and industrial primers. If you’re a builder or contractor in the process of building, call us at 215-826-0500 to bid to paint your new construction project.

Dierolf Brothers New Construction Painting Contractors Bucks County PA
Dierolf Brothers New Construction Painting Bucks County PA

Painting Services for New Commercial Buildings

Our attention to detail has consistently led us to being a top choice for builders and new commercial construction painting projects in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Delaware County PA. Dierolf Brothers Painting has been chosen for some notable new construction builds. If you’re a builder or project manager in need of a reliable, quality new commercial construction painting company, Dierolf Brothers Painting has the proper equipment, crew and experience.

Skills: We specialize in commercial & industrial painting projects. Our commercial paints have the experience and skills to ensure the finished project is uniform and executed professionally.

Speed: Dierolf Brothers Painting guarantees that project deadlines are met without affecting your workflow or the quality of our work.

Trust: Our painters work with minimal instruction. Don’t waste your time or valuable resources monitoring every move of the commercial painting company you hire – trust us to execute the project perfectly.

Equipment: The quality of the end project depends on several factors, most notably the equipment used. We own all our own equipment necessary to complete a full-scale commercial new build painting project.

Process of Painting New Construction

Painting a new commercial construction project is much more involved than a residential home; it requires specialized equipment & paints, extra precision and attention to detail to ensure a flawless finish. The key to executing these projects is preparation. Preparing the walls correctly and using the right tools is vital to ensure the paint adheres smoothly to the drywall or exterior surface material.

When the interior walls are installed, they’ll be covered in dust and construction site debris. Before these walls are primed and painted the dust must be removed using microfiber cloths and a shop vac.

After the walls have been cleaned, primer is needed for additional sealing and to allow the paint to adhere properly. Dierolf Brothers Painting knows the best primer to use depending on the paint color, finish and wall texture.

Finally, we apply the paint. Based on the builder or business-owner specifications, as well as any remaining construction, we’ll apply the base coats and selected finish (flat, satin or eggshell).

Dierolf Brothers New Construction Painting Services Bucks County PA

Interior & Exterior Construction Building Painters

Dierolf Brothers Painting can handle the full scope of your new commercial building painting project. We paint both interior and exterior, working with every type of surface including stucco, wood, vinyl, concrete, brick and more. Once the plumbing, electric and flooring have been installed onto the property and the drywall is up, call us for complete interior & exterior painting, wallcovering installation, flooring services, power washing and more.

We’ll come to your property for a site walk through in order to provide an accurate bid on the construction painting project. Whether it is a new apartment complex, car dealership, school or country club, we have experience painting commercial properties from 12,000 sq. ft. to large 350,000 sq. ft. warehouses. We serve all of Bucks County, Montgomery County and Delaware County, PA, as well as New Jersey. For more information or questions regarding your upcoming project, call our Bristol, PA office at 215-826-0500.