Commercial Office Building Painting Contractors

The overall look and feel of your office building or office suite has a substantial effect on your employees, customers, clients and new recruits. A modern setting with an inspiring color scheme not only improves employee morale, but also boosts productivity. If you need office building painting services for a suite or an entire building, trust Dierolf Brothers Painting with your project. We have 25+ years of experience painting interiors and exteriors of office buildings throughout Bucks County, Montgomery County and Delaware County, PA. We’ll help you achieve a clean and stylish workplace with little business downtime. To discuss an office building painting project with our contractors, call 215-826-0500.

Dierolf Brothers Interior Office Building Painting Bucks County PA
Dierolf Brothers Exterior Office Building Painting Bucks County PA

Expert Office Building & Suite Painting Services

At Dierolf Brothers Painting, we know that superior products lead to superior results. We use some of the industry’s best brands and materials including premium paint, products and tools. These high-quality products allow us to complete the job quickly, without compromising on quality, meaning you’ll experience less downtime. Dierolf Brothers Painting office painting services stand out amongst our competitors for the following reasons:

-       Premium, low odor, fast drying paint

-       Fast, high-quality workmanship from our experienced painters

-       Minimal downtime for employees

-       Interior & exterior painting projects

-       Honest, firm price quotes. You won’t be surprised by the end cost of the project

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Dierolf Brothers Office Building Painting Services Bucks County PA

Interior & Exterior Office Building Painters

As a full-serving painting company, we provide a wide range of services that go beyond simply painting the inside and outside walls. During an interior office painting service, we will also complete plaster and drywall repair and remove & install wallcoverings. We paint all areas of the interior office building including common areas, office suites, kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. Our contractors specialize in all interior and exterior surface materials including sheetrock and concrete walls, drop ceilings, doors, door frames, brick and more. Further, when exterior building painting is needed, we power wash the office façade to remove stains, dirt, mold and mildew growth.

Dierolf Brothers Interior Office Suite Painting Bucks County PA
Dierolf Brothers Interior Office Building Painting Contractors Bucks County PA

Reasons to Repaint an Office Space

Whether you’ve just moved into an office space or want to give your outdated space a color boost, there are many reasons you need to repair a commercial office space.

Improve Business Image: This is the most common reason a company will repaint their office. Peeling, fading or stained paint implies your business lacks attention to detail or overall care for their business space. Fresh paint revamps an office and renews life among employees & customers.

Corporate Changes/Rebranding: Your walls should be reflective of the company logo, company colors and overall brand.

Water Damage: Stains on the walls generally occur from water damage. Remove these unsightly stains with a fresh coat of paint! If stains are reoccurring, you should have the area assessed before investing in repaint.

Avoid Mold Growth: Paint also acts as a sealant to keep moisture out. The walls must be thoroughly cleaned before it can be repainted. As with water damage, if mold spots are reoccurring, the issue must be addressed to avoid health hazards.

Boost Productivity: A new coat of paint in an office can spur positive change and energy. Painting an office space is an inexpensive way to update it and renew the energy.

Dierolf Brothers Painting provides a variety of services for commercial and industrial properties including interior & exterior painting, wallcovering removal & installation, power washing, specialty coatings, epoxy flooring and more. We offer in-person estimates at your commercial or business property in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Delaware County, PA, as well as New Jersey. To schedule your consultation or for questions regarding an upcoming commercial project, call our Bristol PA office at 215-826-0500.