Shopping Center & Strip Mall Painting Services

A fresh coat of paint helps transform your shopping center, attracting new businesses and providing a welcoming environment for customers. Shopping malls and strip malls make up a large portion of our commercial painting business at Dierolf Brothers Painting. Shopping malls present a set of complex parameters for commercial painters; we have to work around hundreds of customers, coordinate separate businesses and ensure a smooth, pleasant experience for customers, business owners and shopping center managers. Our team of professional painters are well-equipped to handle shopping center painting services of all sizes in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Delaware County, PA. To discuss your shopping center painting project, call 215-826-0500.

The services we provide our shopping center and mall clients include:

-       Exterior painting

-       Interior painting

-       Power washing exterior surfaces

-       Flooring services

-       Epoxy coatings

Dierolf Brothers Shopping Center Painting Services Bucks County PA
Dierolf Brothers Shopping Center & Strip Mall Painting Services Bucks County PA

Interior Shopping Center Painting Services

The interior backdrop of the individual retail stores in your shopping center must stimulate the customers, keep them intrigued and provide a scenery for merchandise. A clean, coordinated color scheme provides the canvas to arrange fixtures and point of purchase materials. Since shopping malls are typically open every day, there is little downtime to repaint the walls or install wallcoverings. Dierolf Brothers Painting is experts at completing commercial retail painting projects with minimal business interruption. Interior painting and commercial wallcoverings transform your retail space into an inviting area to attract new customers.

Exterior Shopping Mall Painting Company

A clean, inviting exterior gives potential customers the first impression of what to expect inside the retail store. If you need to clean up the exterior concrete walls of your shopping center by painting, Dierolf Brothers Painting can handle any size project. Blemishes, fading and wear will develop on your commercial property after several years of exposure to weather elements. Our exterior shopping center painting process is fast and reliable, providing a flawless end product. We have 25+ years of experience revamping several shopping malls and retail centers, providing property owners with the resources to improve the overall aesthetics of your business center.

Dierolf Brothers Interior & Exterior Shopping Center Painting Services Bucks County PA

Commercial Painting for Malls & Retail Stores

While painting a shopping mall presents unique challenges, Dierolf Brothers Painting has the experience, infrastructure and procedures for a small process. Below are several important considerations to keep in mind when providing shopping center painting services.

Communication & Coordination: Painting a mall requires effective, proactive communication between business owners, property managers and our commercial painting contractors. We have the necessary systems in place to ensure businesses fully understand the painting schedule and project timeframe. Projects will be complete with minimum disruptions to your business.

Demanding Schedules: At times, off-hours painting may be required to reduce the effect on the operations of your business. We will do our best to work within your daily timeframe, when necessary.

Lifts & Aerial Painting: Shopping centers often involve multiple stories, high ceilings and unique architectural features, all which require special equipment. Dierolf Brothers Painting has the necessary equipment, proper tools and training to handle a range of aerial painting and other demanding painting techniques.

Safety: Safety is a big factor for mall and commercial building painting. While client safety is top priority, we must also consider the safety of your employees and our painters. Our employees are thoroughly trained in best safety practices and our safety equipment is regularly inspected and in top condition.

Eco-friendly Paints: Considering indoor air quality and reduced paint odors, we offer low-VOC and zero-VOC paint options.

Dierolf Brothers Painting provides a variety of services for commercial and industrial facilities including wallcovering removal/new installation, interior painting, power washing, flooring services and much more. We offer on-site estimates at your shopping center in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Delaware County PA. To schedule a consultation or for questions, call our Bristol, PA office at 215-826-0500.