Tilt-Up and Precast Concrete Construction Painting

Tilt-up and precast concrete walls can be painted like any other wall material, but there are special considerations and products that must be used, especially for exterior walls. Without proper preparation and tilt-up concrete painting application, fresh paint begins peeling and blistering, as well as other performance and durability issues, soon after application. Dierolf Brothers Painting is experienced with tilt-up concrete, we understand the right coating products to ensure the best outcome, saving building owners & managers time and money in the long run. We are a third-generation, family owned & operated painting company serving residential, industrial and commercial properties in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Delaware County PA. To discuss tilt-up surface painting for your building, call our Bristol, PA office 215-826-0500.

Dierolf Brothers Tilt-up Concrete Painting Bucks County PA
Dierolf Brothers Tilt-up Concrete Painting Contractors Bucks County PA

Concrete Tilt-up Surface Process & Benefits

Tilt-up concrete is often used for warehouses, distribution centers and big-box retail stores and has become a popular building option because it saves time and money. It is a two-step process in which concrete panels are cast horizontally in a mold then lifted (tilted) with a crane. These panels can be produced in many different sizes and shapes, including curved sections. Tilt-up concrete construction leaves a smaller environmental impact, and the walls can be recycled when the building is knocked down.

Common Tilt-up Surface Issues

Dierolf Brothers Painting understands the unique characteristics of tilt-up concrete, which allows us to determine the best paints, coatings and apply them properly.

Paint Degradation: Surfaces of new tilt-up concrete walls have residue from bond breakers used in the casting process. This residue interferes with the coating adhesion and causes the paint to blister and peel. We will thoroughly clean the residue to ensure a smooth finish.

Rust Stains: Corrosion of embedded metals, like reinforcing steel, is the top cause of rust and deterioration in concrete slabs. We will help protect your tilt-up buildings from rust and corrosion.

Efflorescence: This white, powdered layer of salts can form on concrete surfaces that aren’t well-maintained or protected. Our industrial painting contractors will clean the affected areas and apply the right products for future prevention.

Concrete Cracks: Whether construction related, shrinkage related or due to wear and tear, we’ll inspect the cracks and offer recommendations based on our findings.

Dierolf Brothers Tilt-up Concrete Painting Services Bucks County PA

Prepping, Priming and Painting Precast Concrete Walls

Proper preparation is key for any commercial or industrial painting project. Neglecting prepping or priming the walls creates a weak link and a low-quality final product. You can trust Dierolf Brothers Painting to thoroughly prepare the surface and use the right products to ensure long-lasting results for tilt-up construction.

Preparation: Our contractors will determine the best cleaning methods and necessary repairs; we use high-strength mortars and non-shrink grouts. When you skip this step, your commercial painting project is bound to fail. It’ll cost you more time and money to fix or redo the project.

Priming: We use high-quality, industrial grade acrylic-based sealers and primers on all exterior concrete tilt-up walls to protect against moisture. Water penetration leads to rusting of embedded metal, efflorescence and other surface issues. Our primers and sealers are specifically designed for the alkalinity of fresh concrete, providing water and stain repellent for long-term weather protection.

Painting: Poor preparation and selecting the wrong paint for exterior masonry surfaces leads to paint blistering, peeling and degradation. We use only quality-acrylic-based paints, which are necessary for water resistance. We will always recommend the best products to balance performance and cost.

Dierolf Brothers Painting provides a variety of services for commercial and industrial facilities including wallcovering removal/new installation, interior painting, power washing, flooring services and much more. We offer on-site estimates at your commercial space in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Delaware County PA, as well as New Jersey. To schedule a consultation or for questions, call our Bristol, PA office at 215-826-0500.